Welcome to my website.

My name is Adri Kivits and I live in the Netherlands in a small town, Waalwijk.

At the age of 12 I had a friend who's mother did some homework to earn some extra money. She had to fold packages of rolling papers. My friend and I helped her a little and so I made my first package by myself. You can see this package on my site under the letter "K" (Kolmans).

I like most of the packages because is seems to be little works of art. like little paintings. That's the reason I represent them at the maximum of three a row. The ultimate kick is when I'm in another city or country and I find an old cigarette shop. When I tell the owner that I collect rolling papers, mostly they start searching in old cabinets and drawers. And under 2 inches of dust and cobwebs they conjure up a box with old papers. I also walk into coffee shops (they're legal in Holland) and if I would I could spend a monthly salary to buy al kinds of rolling papers. But I don't think my lovely wife will appreciate this. And because she is the one that makes my website.....

When you look through my site and you have some packages of rolling papers to swap, please contact me.